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I am Ahmad Hussein

UX/UI Designer

Product Designer

Brand Enthusiast

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I am an experience designer that find it extremely rewarding to bring a client's vision to life. There is a great deal of satisfaction I get from seeing a piece of work progress from concept to design, particularly from users. I believe that user-centered solutions are the most valuable future digital resources.

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Design Skills

Creative ability
  • UX Research

    Conducting studies or interview that examine how people use the product, identifying user pain point, empathize with user, and explore how product can help solve their problems, in a summarized form. 

  • Visual & Brand Design

    focuses on how a product looks, in creation of the brand identity as well as deciding on good font, color, size and placement. on the layout of each page, screens and make all of the design elements fit together.

  • Interaction Design

    Focuses on designing the experience of a product and how it function, by striving to understand the user flow or the path that a typical user takes to complete a task on a product designed.

  • UX Product Management

    Ensuring clear and timely communication, so that the process of building a useful product moves smoothly from start to finish, by setting the goals, writing project plan and allocating team resources.


Work Experience


Studied at


Reading and writing
  • English


  • Arabic




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    Ahmad Hussein
    UX & Product Designer
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